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scarlettphenomenon ([personal profile] scarlettphenomenon) wrote2012-03-18 04:07 pm

So,I'm Scarlett Phenomenon

Scarlett Phenomenon is my Killjoy name,and that is all you're going to get,so call me Scar and we'll get along fine.
I want you to know me a little bit, so I'm gonna tell you stuff. Lets see.
I'm a girl,duh.I like Asking Alexandria and My Chemical Romance and Black Veil Brides and Panic at the Disco and Lupe Fiasco and Taylor Swift.I watch NCIS and The Amanda Show and Suburgatory and that's it.I trust too easily and too wholeheartedly,and I have a total of 5 true friends I can completely trust with anything.
I'm new,I'm new,so don't hate me.
I'm on as rue-on-fire.